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How can volunteering support you professionally?


written byCoaliția pentru Voluntariat

Given how much of our life we ​​spend (or are going to spend) at work, it is not surprising that choosing the right job, but also preparing for it, comes to concern us quite early. People ask us when we are young what we want to be when we grow up. Then we discover some things that inspire our curiosity and passion. Then we find ourselves having to decide what studies to pursue.

If for some this whole process is simple and straightforward, you should know that there are many other people who do not know from an early age the exact position from which they will retire. And there is another category that changes its mind along the way. And there's nothing wrong or worrying in the middle.

If you are among those who have not yet established their great professional career in small details, there is no reason to panic. There are many options that can help you get out of the thicket and find the right path. After all, maybe your job hasn't been invented yet.

In situations like this, volunteering can appear as a "secret weapon." We disclose it now, but only to you :D.

When you participate in volunteer activities, you may come across all sorts of activities that you may not have done before, or that you did in a different way. This way you can learn a lot of skills and you can develop a lot of skills that you could use in the future. Examples include public speaking, teamwork, negotiating, and coordinating a team or a project - which are needed in almost any job. But you could also learn how to plan and organize a festival or sporting event, create a communication campaign, plant a community garden, or work with children. These are just a few examples of the many types of volunteering activities that exist. By trying them, you have the opportunity to see directly what attracts you the most and to realize what is best for you.

Volunteer activities are usually guided by professionals from whom you can learn in a more practical and applied way what you may already know in theory. The practice is always more frothy and the concrete details really make the difference. With their help, you can test different activities, having support throughout which you can turn to in case you have a question or you doubt any decision.

All the people you get involved with - from the organization, from the beneficiaries, other volunteers or partners of the organization you come in contact with - can become at some point people who could write you a recommendation when you apply for a job that you like. A recommendation can weigh more for the employer when it comes to choosing between two applicants for the same position.

The organization you volunteer for can turn into your own employer. By knowing you directly and seeing your involvement in different activities, at the right time, the organization can make you a job offer. If you are interested in the field, it is good to know that this is a practice in many organizations.

Not to mention, it has been proven by countless studies that volunteering can have huge benefits on your personal and professional development. In addition, the law itself (volunteering) says that the volunteer experience can be recognized as professional experience if it is done in the field of studies, which is a great advantage when applying for your first job.

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