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CEV - The Centre for European Volunteering


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CEV - The Center for European Volunteering - is the European reference organization in the field of volunteering.

As they define themselves, CEV is the European network of over 60 organizations dedicated to promoting and supporting volunteers and volunteering in Europe, at regional, national or European levels.

Founded in 1992, CEV has become the voice of volunteering in European debates, influencing current trends and challenges in this sector, providing public policy advice and developing policies and expertise for European decision-makers, so that volunteering policies and programs being developed at European level are effective and relevant.

CEV has members in 28 European countries, the full list of member organizations can be found here. CEV not only represents the member organizations but also supports them in various steps at the local or national level, with resources, information, and public positions.

CEV's vision is that of a Europe where volunteers are key to building a cohesive, sustainable and inclusive society based on solidarity and active citizenship. Thus, CEV's mission is to provide collaborative leadership to create a supportive environment for volunteering in Europe.

Romania is actively represented in the CEV network by Pro Vobis - The National Resource Center for Volunteering, a full member since 2001. Between 2015 and 2019 Pro Vobis also chaired the board of directors, through Cristina Rigman, who held a leadership position on the board since 2005.

CEV is a valuable and rich source of volunteer resources and we encourage you to explore their publications and events on their website, but also to follow them on social media - CEV Facebook / CEV Instagram / CEV Youtube / CEV Twitter.


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