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Public consultation for proposals on the Law on Volunteering


written byCoaliția pentru Voluntariat

Below you will find 3 reference documents in the public consultation process regarding the Coalition for Volunteering proposal to create a public policy aimed at supporting the application of Law no. 78/2014.

1. "Analysis, substantiation and formulation of proposals for Law no. 78/2014 on the regulation of volunteer activity in Romania".

This is the final proposal that resulted from an extensive process started by the Coalition for Volunteering between May and June 2021 and which involved the organization of 8 online regional consultations, 4 plenary sessions and 17 individual interviews with experts, involving in total over 180 organizations and institutions and bringing together over 300 people actively involved in the field of volunteering. Thus, throughout this process, the most important topics of interest were extracted and discussed - for which different solutions were formulated - which you can find in the attached document, along with their substantiation, there are also references to similar legislation. from other countries

2. "Volunteering - National Legislative Framework" - a detailed analysis of several laws relating to volunteering, as well as case law on volunteering, with 14 court decisions

3. "Volunteering - Legislative framework in other countries" - a comparative analysis of the legislation on volunteering in 8 European countries - Slovenia, Portugal, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Italy





The documents are in public consultation between April 7-14, 2022. We invite you to participate in one of the 2 online consultation events - from April 12 (10.00-12.00) or April 14 (15.00-17.00) – more details HERE.

You can also send written opinions until April 14, at 15.00, to

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