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The VOLUM Federation was created to ensure a relevant dialogue between organizations involving volunteers in Romania, public authorities, institutions, private companies and any other factors interested in the development of volunteering in our country.

Pro Vobis - The National Resource Center for Volunteering initiated and founded the Federation, through the Volume for the Development of Volunteering in Romania - funded by the Governments of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Norway through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and co-financed by the C.S. Mott Foundation.

The project took place between December 2009 and December 2010 and aims to increase the capacity for effective dialogue of the actors of the Romanian volunteer movement with public authorities by bringing together organizations, institutions, companies and other stakeholders interested in the development of the Romanian volunteer movement.

The VOLUM Federation is a non-governmental organization with the role of an umbrella association in the field of volunteering, with national representation. It currently has over 87 member organizations, which in turn manage approximately 23,000 volunteers.

The mission of the VOLUM Federation is to facilitate the dialogue and common action of all the factors interested in the volunteer movement, in order to sustainably develop volunteering in Romania.

VOLUM Federation Vision is a Romanian society in which volunteering is an accepted, supported and recognized movement for its contribution to cohesion, inclusion and social solidarity and respect for people and the environment, based on the individual and institutional assumption of social responsibility manifested by volunteering.

The main initiatives and activities of the VOLUM Federation:

  • Technical support in amending the Volunteering Law 78/2014 - public consultations with over 500 participants, over 60 meetings with decision-makers, over 19,000 supporting volunteers and over 60 organizations that supported the initiative
  • Organizing the National Volunteer Gala - the only competition and the only event that rewards the merits of volunteering at the national level
  • Achieving a national model of Certificat de Voluntariat - VoluntPass, which includes both the aspects mentioned in the Law on Volunteering 78/2014, as well as a Supplement, which validates the learning that takes place through volunteering - as well as a Guide for issuing a volunteering certificate - Voluntpass
  • (Volunteeringmap) – an online platform that offers 2 facilities:
    • Correlation of the demand and supply of volunteering in Romania
    • Making and issuing volunteer certificates
  • – a software support for managing the information and documents needed for a volunteer program
  • Guide for health and safety in volunteering activities – the development of the first guide and the first network of pro-bono SSM experts.
  • Guide for measuring the impact of volunteering on the hosting - Effective volunteering- a guide that aims to strengthen the capacity of organizations to measure the impact of programs and volunteer activities among organizations involving volunteers in Romania.

For the moment, since 2019 the VOLUM Federation has had to limit its activity due to lack of financial resources dedicated to supporting the secretariat of the Federation.

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